New twists on winter hair will have you curling up. By Rosemary Mills

Some call it the new “Bubbles” look.

And Millais would probably agree that it paints a pretty picture. But while the latest renaissance has that certain ring of angelic truth. From tight clusters of curls to looser ringlets and soignée chignons, the update concentrates on mixing the rough with the smooth.

Out go clean curls, says hair stylist Paul Missing, who created our inspirational looks. In comes what he terms “a messy spring action!”

Freshly curled ringlets are pulled out and roughed up with some simple finger backcombing while curling uneven sections gives an extra textured effect.

What’s good about the new dressing up is that it’s not the exclusive preserve of long hair. 

It’s easy to twist and curl all but the shortest of crops, and if you want to lend more weight to your style, adding a false piece is de rigueur.

Best news of all is that the ideal work surface is ‘second day’ hair! Says Paul, ‘Freshly washed hair is just too fluffy and slippery.’ All this makes for a contrived effect without too much work...

The simply chic chignon.

Sweep hair into ponytail; secure with covered band. Wrap with a top section from tail for a neat base and pin into place. Loop and fan out tail; secure with clips. For more volume and holding power, backcomb with fingers.

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‘Bubbling over’:

Comb gel through hair. Take sections and either tong or use flexible heated styler.

Side-part hair and, when cool, finger curls into loose tendrils. 

Scrunch with fingers for added volume.

Locks of style:

Working from one side of head to other, divide hair into uneven sections; curl tightly with heated tongs, small heated rollers or flexible heated stylers.

After a few seconds, gently pull out twirls; when cool, ruffle some with fingers